Melissa's Story

Melissa Nichole Mortensen was born Saturday, April 10, 1999 to Jason and Stephanie Mortensen. She was born at 6:28am at the Desert Samaritan Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona. She was 7 lbs 3 oz, and she was 20 1/2 inches long. She was an adorable baby girl, having the best features from each of her parents - her ears and the dimple in her chin from her daddy, and her lips and button nose from her mommy.

Melissa's life didn't quite turn out as we had planned, however. Melissa wasn't breathing when she was born, and was kept alive through assisted breathing until she was put on a respirator. She actually didn't take her own first breath for about 15 minutes. She was rushed to the Neonatal ICU, where a wonderful staff of nurses and doctors took care of her. Although Melissa had a perfectly healthy body, doctors guess that something happened during labor that resulted in a lack of oxygen to Melissa. This lack of oxygen unfortunately caused damage to Melissa's brain.

While things seemed somewhat hopeful on Saturday (April 10, 1999), Melissa became unresponsive through Sunday and Monday (April 11, and 12, 1999). We were informed on Monday evening that the damage to Melissa's brain would not heal, and that our sweet daughter would never have a meaningful life on this earth.

Melissa Nichole Mortensen passed away on Tuesday, April 13, 1999. We take comfort in our knowledge that she has gone to a better place, and we are greatful for the many miracles we witnessed during her short time on earth. Although her time here was short, she has truly been a blessing to our lives.

We will always love you, Melissa.

Jason and Stephanie Mortensen

She's cute as a button
and everything nice -
A pink little bundle
of "sugar and spice".

April 2009 - Ten Year Memorial - We put this almost 7 minute video together as a way to remember our precious daughter Melissa.

Click here to view.